After Shooting At U.S. Capitol, Fox Guest Blames Hollywood For Gun Violence

JD Gordon: “We Have Got To Talk About Hollywood Producing All These Gory Films That I Believe Contributes To Gun Violence”

From the March 28 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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JD GORDON: I think it's going to be very interesting to see if this story breaks as a terrorism story, if this guy was some sort of a sympathizer to ISIS, we don't know. We're all on pins and needles after what happened in Paris and Brussels, or if this is just gonna break as a gun control story, if this guy just happens to be perhaps mentally unstable. We don't know the issue. So going to be real interesting to see how the story breaks. If it is a gun control issue issue, I got to tell you, we should be pressuring Hollywood to stop making all these violent films, but that's just one thing I think is important. We'll see how it breaks.


If it's a gun control issue, then look, we have got to talk about how many guns are out there, we have got to talk about Hollywood producing all these gory films that I believe contributes to gun violence, but you don't see these action stars here in these movies talking about gun control, as far as not being in movies with guns,


CHARLES PAYNE (HOST): It is somewhat disingenuous for someone to make $100 million with movies with machine guns and hand grenades, and then come out against the idea that the average citizen may want to keep his or her home safe with a handgun.


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