After mass shootings, Fox's Mike Huckabee says the key issue is not guns but a lack of religion

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Citation From the August 5 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

BILL HEMMER (CO-ANCHOR): Just one last comment personally. How did you -- you know, you see the news on Saturday, you go to bed, you wake up Sunday morning. I think so many people had the shared reaction, Governor, like "not again." Not twice in a span of 13 hours.

MIKE HUCKABEE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah. You know, the El Paso shooting was a gut punch to begin with. So many innocent people just out Saturday shopping. And then you wake up Sunday morning, and you see this addendum to it in Dayton. And it's just devastating, emotionally, I think, for every American, it's just devastating. We just don't want to believe that fellow citizens would do this to people who have harmed them in no way. And that's what's troubling. We realize that we could be the victim. It could be us. But by the grace of God, it would have been.

So, yeah, it's a horrible thing, but let's be real clear. The common denominator in all of this is not the particular weapon. It's the hate inside the heart. It's the loss of morality. It's that disconnecting from a God who values all people and who would never let me do that to another person, because I would be basically doing it to God and to myself, to just destroy another human life. That's just not how we're hardwired from the father above. That's what I believe hurts me the most is that we've got a lot of our country that are utterly disconnected from any sense of identity with their Creator and with his love for them and his love for the people that they hate.