After discrediting a report on a 10-year-old Ohio girl needing an abortion, Fox's Jesse Watters now targets the girl's Indiana doctor

Watters hosts the Indiana Attorney General to accuse the “lame-stream media” of politicizing the report “for the gain of killing more babies” 

UPDATE (7/14/22): Tony Cook at The Indianapolis Star reports that Dr. Caitlin Bernard did report the abortion in question:

The Indiana physician who provided abortion services to a 10-year-old Ohio girl who was raped disclosed the abortion in a form filed with the Indiana Department of Health and the Department of Child Services, according to records obtained by IndyStar through a public records request.


Bernard filed the required abortion disclosure, known as a “terminated pregnancy” form, on July 2, two days after she performed the girl's abortion, according to a copy of the form IndyStar received Thursday from the state health department. State law requires the forms to be filed within three days for patients under age 16.

The form shows Bernard indicated the girl was seeking an abortion as a result of being abused.

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Citation From the July 13, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Primetime covered this story heavily on Monday. Put on the pressure and now we're glad that justice is being served.


Ohio detectives did their part, but there's still a lot of unanswered questions – besides the girl not needing to cross state lines to Indiana for the abortion and whether the alleged rapist's immigration status played any role in the cover-up.

Caitlin Bernard, the abortion doctor who performed the operation in Indiana, has a legal requirement to report the abortion to both child services and the state's health department because a ten-year-old isn't able to give consent and is, therefore, a rape victim. And from what we can find out so far, this Indiana abortion doctor has covered this up. Failure to report is nothing new, though, for Dr. Bernard. According to reporting from PJ Media, she has a history of failing to report child abuse cases. And our sources, as Trace mentioned, are telling Fox that Dr. Bernard's employer, Indiana University Health, has already filed a HIPAA violation against her. So is a criminal charge next? And will Dr. Bernard lose her license? Let's ask the Indiana attorney general, Todd Rokita. So what's going on, Todd?

TODD ROKITA (INDIANA ATTORNEY GENERAL): Jesse, thanks for having me on, but I shouldn't be here. All right. I mean, first of all, this is an illegal immigration issue because likely of Biden's lawlessness at the border and everything going on down there. That's why Indiana, as a non-border state, has actually filed several independent lawsuits on that. Then we have the rape. And then we have this abortion activist acting as a doctor with a history of failing to report. So we're gathering the information. We're gathering the evidence as we speak, and we're going to fight this to the end, including looking at her licensure. If she failed to report it in Indiana, it's a crime for – to not report, to intentionally not report.

WATTERS: So what kind of a crime is it to not report a child rape to state authorities and then tell us why it's a crime not to report?

ROKITA: Well, of course, because this is a child and there's a strong public interest in understanding, you know, if someone under the age of 16 or under the age of 18 or really any woman is having an abortion in our state. And then if a child is being sexually abused, of course, parents need to know. Authorities need to know. Public policy experts need to know. We all need to know as citizens in a free republic so we can stop this.

This is a horrible, horrible scene caused – caused by Marxists and socialists and those in the White House who want lawlessness at the border.

And then this girl was politicized, politicized for the gain of killing more babies, alright? That was the goal. And this abortion activist is out there front and center. The lamestream media, the fake news is right behind it. Unfortunately, in Indiana, the paper of record is fake news. And they were right there jumping in on all of this, thinking that it was going to be great for their abortionist movement when this girl has been so brutalized.

WATTERS: It really is a tragedy. Thanks for coming on and please keep us posted on what's going on with this abortion doctor and whether or not she's going to face any sort of scrutiny.