Actually, How Planned Parenthood Deals With Suspected Sex Trafficking Is The Subject

Lila Rose's James-O'Keefe-lite smear against Planned Parenthood has made its way onto daytime Fox News.

On today's edition of America Live, host Megyn Kelly hosted a debate over the video between the Family Research Council's Cathy Cleaver Ruse and syndicated talk show host Nancy Skinner. Before starting the debate, Kelly noted that Planned Parenthood did, in fact, alert the law enforcement about suspected sex trafficking. This, Ruse said, was entirely beside the point.

Here's the video:

KELLY: Cathy, let me start with you. Why does this pose a problem? Planned Parenthood has already come out and said, “We are the ones who caught on to the fact that something was amiss in these clinics and we are the ones who alerted the federal authorities to this problem.”

RUSE: Well, Megyn, they're just trying to change the subject

Really? That's weird. Because I thought Planned Parenthood's response to suspected sex trafficking was the subject. Rose's whole thesis was that Planned Parenthood is willing to cover up child prostitution instead of reporting it to the proper authorities. Her hoax exposed, the fringe right-wing activist is now taking to Big Government to similarly brush aside the actual actions of Planned Parenthood.

If what Planned Parenthood did -- that is, alerting the FBI and quickly firing Woodruff -- doesn't satisfy Ruse, what will? It's almost like she'll take any excuse, no matter how tenuous, to slam the organization.