$168,228: More evidence Dick Morris lied about working for Republicans “without compensation”

On Wednesday's O'Reilly Factor, Fox News contributor Dick Morris said he is working hard for the Republican Party “without compensation.”

Morris' statement was a lie: During this election cycle, Morris has received payments from the Republican-aligned group Americans for New Leadership ($25,228), New York State Senate candidate Greg Ball ($5,000), the Alabama Republican Party ($15,000), Pennsylvania Republican Party ($10,000) and the Christy Mihos for Governor campaign (MA) ($80,000).

Recent disclosure reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show that four federal candidates also paid Morris' firm Triangulation Strategies $33,000:

  • Steve Pearce for Congress (NM) paid Morris $15,000 for “speaker fee” on October 12. The New Mexico Republican Party stated in an October 14 note about Morris: “Dick Morris will be in Hobbs supporting Steve Pearce. Mr. Morris will be at the Republican headquarters around 5:))PM for abook [sic] signing of his latest book ”Take Back America 2010". A fundraiser will at X and X's home Call Steve's office at XXX-XXXX for further details."
  • Brad Zaun for Congress (IA) paid Morris $8,000 for “speaker fee” on October 6. Morris headlined a September 22 fundraiser for Zaun in West Des Moines.
  • Nan Hayworth for Congress (NY) paid Morris $5,000 for “speaker fee” on October 5. Morris was the headliner at a September 26 fundraiser.
  • Dan Debicella for Congress (CT) paid Morris $5,000 for “event expense” on August 6. Morris participated in an August 6 fundraiser.

In total, Morris has received at least $168,228 this cycle. (And this is just from what we know from disclosure reports that have to be federally filed).

Morris touted Brad Zaun on the September 22 edition of The O'Reilly Factor. O'Reilly introduced Morris by stating he is in Iowa “where is he advising a Republican candidate.” Morris mentioned Zaun:

MORRIS: So, the problem Obama has now is that there is no strategy. There is no message. One minute he is attacking Boehner as being a lobbyist. The next minute, the Tea Party is hysterical. The next minute, this is propaganda from Fox News. It's a lurch, because they have nothing to say. They are panic stricken. They don't have a campaign.

And, each of these local campaigns - like I'm in Iowa today for a guy named Brad Zaun. He said people should take responsibility for cleaning up and combating natural disasters like floods and they are making a big deal that he doesn't want to get government help. They will use anything they can because nothing is working, and they're -

O'REILLY All right, now -

MORRIS: All losing.

While he said he's in Iowa for Zaun, Morris did not mention he received any payment.

Despite Morris' outright lies and lack of disclosure, Fox News and executives like Bill Shine haven't said anything.