What Fox Won't Show You: Muslim Leaders Are Condemning The Paris Terror Attack

Fox figures have falsely suggested the Muslim community has not condemned the terror attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France despite the fact that Muslim leaders, advocacy groups and organizations, and leaders of Arab states have roundly denounced the attacks -- a fact that Fox reported on its website, but left off air.

12 Killed In Terror Attack On French Satirical Newspaper 

Terror Attack Leaves 12 Dead In France. On January 7, 12 people were killed after an attack in Paris on Charlie Hebdo, a French weekly satirical newspaper. According to The New York Times, French President Francois Hollande quickly condemned the shooting as a terrorist attack “of exceptional barbarism” and raised the nation's security alert. [The New York Times1/7/15

On Television, Fox News Claims Muslims Are Not Condemning Attack

Fox's Monica Crowley: “I Haven't Heard Any Condemnation” Of The Paris Attack From Muslim Groups. While discussing reactions to the Charlie Hebdo attack on the January 7 edition of Fox News' The Real Story, contributor Monica Crowley argued that Muslims “should be condemning” the attack and that she hadn't “heard any condemnation.” [Fox News, The Real Story, 1/7/15]

Fox Guest: “You Don't See Denunciations Of Radical Islam ... By Mainstream Islamic Groups.” In a discussion of the Paris attack on the January 7 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom, guest Steve Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, claimed that “you don't see denunciations of radical Islam, by name, by mainstream Islamic groups.” [Fox News, America's Newsroom1/7/15]

Fox Host Bob Beckel: Muslim Groups Like CAIR Keep “Their Mouth Shut When Things Happen.” While discussing the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris during January 7 edition of Fox News' The Five, host Bob Beckel criticized Howard Dean for suggesting that the terrorists were like a cult, and claimed that Muslims as a whole are “being quiet.” He went on to accuse the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of keeping “their mouth shut when things happen.” [Fox News, The Five, 1/7/15]

But Online, Fox News Shows Muslim Community Leaders Denouncing The Attack

On FoxNews.Com, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Spokesperson Condemns Paris Attack. During a January 7 interview with Fox host Gregg Jarett on FoxNews.com, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Spokesperson Qasim Rashid condemned the attack in Paris and refuted the notion that Islam is inherently violent (emphasis added):

JARRETT: Do you think more Muslims in the Muslim-American community need to speak up and, like you, condemn this kind of attack?

RASHID: I think Muslims are doing a very good job of speaking up. And I think there's an important conversation to be had about recognizing that this is not an Islamic act of terror -- this is just an act of terror done by people claiming to ascribe to Islam. When we study Islam, we see clearly that the Quran condemns this kind of violence categorically. That Prophet Muhammad said that a Muslim is one from whom all others are safe.


JARRETT: If, as you say, the Quran condemns this kind of violence, why is it these Islamic extremists, these terrorists use the Quran as justification for committing these kinds of violent acts?

RASHID: Well, it's the same reason why any extremist group uses scripture. There's no shortage of extremists in everything. Let's not forget the Lord's Resistance Army, a Ugandan terrorist group, that claims to be Christian. And I would vehemently argue against anyone who would blame the bible, or Jesus Christ, for their acts of terrorism. This is not about religion. This is about political power, this is about uneducated, ignorant youth who are being manipulated by clerics and extremists. And this is why it's all the more important for us, as the moderates, regardless of faith, to stay united and combat this. [FoxNews.com, 1/7/15]

Many Other Muslim Organizations Have Condemned The Attack

French Muslim Council: Attack Is An “Extremely Grave Barbaric Action.” In a statement, the French Muslim Council condemned the Paris attack as an “extremely grave barbaric action,” and called it “an attack against democracy and the freedom of the press.” [AlJazeera.com, 1/7/15]

Muslim Council Of Britain Condemns Attack: “Nothing Justifies The Taking Of Life.” The Muslim Council of Britain condemned the attack, saying “The Muslim Council of Britain condemns this attack. Whomever the attackers are, and whatever the cause may be, nothing justifies the taking of life.” [Muslim Council of Britain, 1/7/15]

Council On American-Islamic Relations: “We Strongly Condemn This Brutal And Cowardly Attack.” CAIR strongly condemned the attack, calling it “brutal and cowardly,” and used the opportunity to reiterate the organization's “repudiation of any such assault on freedom of speech, even speech that mocks faiths and religious figures”:

"We strongly condemn this brutal and cowardly attack and reiterate our repudiation of any such assault on freedom of speech, even speech that mocks faiths and religious figures. The proper response to such attacks on the freedoms we hold dear is not to vilify any faith, but instead to marginalize extremists of all backgrounds who seek to stifle freedom and to create or widen societal divisions.

“We offer sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of those killed or injured in this attack. We also call for the swift apprehension of the perpetrators, who should be punished to the full extent of the law.” [Council on American-Islamic Relations, 1/7/15]

Arab League “Strongly Condemns The Terrorist Attack On Charlie Hebdo Newspaper In Paris.” The Arab League said in a statement that “Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi strongly condemns the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris.” [Al Arabiya News, 1/7/15]

Al-Azhar: “Islam Denounces Any Violence.” According to Al Arabiya News, “Al-Azhar, a thousand-year-old seat of religious learning respected by Muslims around the world, referred to the attack as a criminal act, saying that 'Islam denounces any violence.'” [Al Arabiya News, 1/7/15]