Watch Trump Spokesperson Get Education On Racist And Disgraceful Nature Of Trump's Birther Movement

Robert Zimmerman: “We're Talking About Donald Trump And Refusing To Recognize That President Obama … It's Disgraceful, It's Racist, And It's Dishonest”

From the September 15 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File:

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ROBERT ZIMMERMAN: Megyn, you're dodging the issue here. We're talking about the fact that Donald Trump will not discuss whether --

MEGYN KELLY(HOST): I'm just saying you're in a little glass house.

ZIMMERMAN: May I finish my point please? We're talking about Donald Trump and refusing to recognize that President Obama is an American citizen and that reflects -- despite what his supporters say. It's disgraceful, it's racist, and it's dishonest. For that manner, with Pastor [Faith Green] Timmons, like a typical bully and coward, when he went to the church, Pator Timmons stood up and defended him when he was being heckled and then when pastor Timmons told him to respect the rule of what the church has asked him to do, he backed down and did what he was told. 

KELLY: He handled it very nicely in that church.

KATRINA PIERSON: He was very respectful. He was very respectful.

ZIMMERMAN: And then when he left the church and was on Fox & Friends this morning, he lied about her, he called her a nervous mess like a typical bully, when confronted, he backed down. When on his own, he went out there and tried to antagonize. 


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