Watch Fox News' desperate attempt to spin Comey's devastating opening statement

James Comey: “I had understood the President to be requesting that we drop any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the Russian ambassador”

From the June 7 edition of Fox News' America's News Headquarters:

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HARRIS FAULKNER (HOST): What you said to me was so significant. What [former FBI Director James] Comey is saying seems to shoot down the idea that the president was pressuring him to back off of General [Michael] Flynn. Did I get that right from what you said? And, if so, wouldn't that be the point in all of this? This actually then would substantiate and help the president in what he's been saying all along. 

JOHN ROBERTS: Again, that, I think, is the main point here. The fact that James Comey, though he was troubled by what the president was saying to him at that dinner, did not take to it mean that the president was asking him to back off from the entire Flynn investigation and the entire Russia, either connection to the Trump campaign or Russia influencing the election. It was specifically the details surrounding his firing, Mike Flynn's firing, and the phone calls, and whether or not he had been truthful about those phone calls. By the way, he does detail the results of the April 11th phone call that the two of them had in which he, again, says that he is not personally under investigation, that is the president. James Comey says the president is not personally under investigation. So the president was told once at dinner and twice in phone calls, according to Comey, he was not under investigation. So that completely corroborates what the president said about this.

FAULKNER: John Roberts, thank you very much. The headline there though, Comey seeming to shoot down this idea that the president was pressuring him to back off of the investigation into his former national security adviser.


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