Trump 2020 adviser on Fox Business: Saudi Arabia's behavior on the international stage is “exactly what we want in an ally”

Host Stuart Varney: “Fascinating.”

From the November 29 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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JEFF BALLABON (TRUMP 2020 ADVISER): If we look right now at the global stage, forget about the [assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi] that's captured everyone's attention, which is certainly noteworthy and newsworthy. But, right now, the Saudis are prosecuting a war in Yemen that we have a direct interest in, and we don't want to be prosecuting that war. And so, right now, the Saudis are behaving not like a similar culture, but like allies that we need to have. They are purchasing American military equipment at huge amounts, they're using their troops to prosecute a war, it's not American troops anymore, and they're keeping their oil prices low, which hurts them, but it hurts Iran more, and it helps us. So, the truth is, it's exactly what we want in ally, and that realpolitik is helping us. 



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