Tony Perkins heads to Fox News to defend Trump administration's latest attack on trans rights

When presented with historical facts on gender identity, Perkins resorts to fearmongering

From the October 22 edition of Fox News' Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream:

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ETHAN BEARMAN (RADIO HOST): The circuits are split on gender orientation and whether or not that is covered under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. We can go back 4,000 years, and the Egyptians had three genders identified. This is not something new. It's not out of the blue. Many civilizations around the world have identified more than the two, the binary nature of genders as defined maybe in our Bible that Tony and I read. But it’s broader than that, and our laws are here to protect those who are minorities and can be discriminated against, and we have evolved that way over the years.


TONY PERKINS (FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL): But we changed the laws. Lawlessness is a danger to our security, whether it's on our southern border or in our elementary school bathrooms. And in terms of civil rights and protections, every man, woman, and child has constitutional rights and are protected under our laws. But what we’re doing by this policy that was put in place without an act of Congress -- this was the Obama administration -- we’re putting people at risk. We're actually denying people equal protection under the law, because under this, we would force women that are going to battered shelters for abused women, we would force them under government policy to be housed with men, biological men. This makes no sense. The courts -- as you said, there is a split in the courts, but Congress has never dealt with this. Let congress will deal with it.


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