Rudy Giuliani: Hillary Clinton “Could Be Considered A Founding Member Of ISIS”

On Fox, Giuliani Claims Clinton “Helped Create ISIS”

From the March 23 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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RUDY GIULIANI: If you are talking about doing what she wants to do, which is to rally our forces against ISIS, you have got to come back to the White House, you got to sit in the Situation Room, and you can't leave until you come up with a plan. 

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Well, he doesn't want to do that. Barack Obama doesn't want to rally anybody. 

GIULIANI: She had her chance to do it. She helped create ISIS. I mean, Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS. 

O'REILLY: How did she help? Because we have a guy, an expert coming on about ISIS, how did she help ISIS?

GIULIANI: By being part of an administration that withdrew from Iraq. By being part of an administration that let Maliki run Iraq. 

O'REILLY: Into the ground. 

GIULIANI: Into the ground, so you forced the Shiites to make a choice, by not intervening in Syria at the proper time.


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