Right-Wing Media Ignore, Dismiss Bush Precedents To Attack Obama Over Africa Trip

Right-wing media are attacking President Obama over the cost of his upcoming diplomatic trip to Africa, ignoring or dismissing the fact that the security measures that have driven the trip's budget are in line with those used by previous presidents on similar trips.

On June 13, The Washington Post reported on an internal document that detailed some of the security precautions being taken during President Obama's scheduled trip to Africa later this month, which will include the first lady, and will seek to forge stronger economic ties with African nations and address global health problems. According to the document, hundreds of Secret Service agents will be dispatched where the president and his family will be, a naval ship will be standing by for medical emergencies, and fighter aircraft will fly in 24-hours security shifts. The document “does not specify costs” for the trip, but the Post cited speculation from a source familiar with the trip that it “could cost the federal government $60 million to $100 million based on the costs of similar African trips in recent years.”

The Post also stated that “the preparations appear to be in line with similar travels in the past” and quoted Ben Rhodes, an Obama adviser on national security, who said that the security requirements “are Secret Service-driven.” The story also mentioned that a safari was being considered during the trip but was canceled, and that previous presidents had made similar trips, with President Bush bringing his daughters along on one that included a safari:

Former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush also made trips to multiple African nations involving similarly laborious preparations. Bush went in 2003 and 2008, bringing his wife on both occasions. Bush's two daughters went along on the first trip, which included a safari at a game preserve on the Botswana-South Africa border.

But in their eagerness to criticize President Obama over the cost of the trip, right-wing media ignored or dismissed these facts. The Drudge Report only highlighted the speculation that the trip could cost $100 million and that the safari was canceled. A blog post from The Weekly Standard drew attention to the canceled safari without mentioning the African safari that Bush and his family went on.

Mark Levin, on the other hand, decided that these precedents were irrelevant when he attacked Obama on his radio show. Levin said that he'd “never seen a presidential family take so many trips” and that Obama “doesn't deny himself or his family a damn thing.” Levin stated that Obama is “on welfare, presidential welfare” and that “Obama believes that this is his time to live like a king” and that “his wife is the imperial first lady.” He concluded by dismissing the fact that previous presidents have made similar trips by claiming “this president's propaganda is different from other presidents, this president's Marxist class warfare is different than other presidents.” 

Fox Nation highlighted Levin's attack on Obama with the headline, “Levin slams Obama's $100 million Africa trip: He lives like a billionaire off you and me!”