Right-Wing Media On Diversity Program: Unqualified Minorities “Could Actually Get Someone Killed”

Several right-wing media sites stoked race-based fears to manufacture controversy over a Phoenix, AZ program designed to diversify the lifeguard ranks at city pools, falsely claiming the program hires minorities who can't swim and could “get someone killed.”

On March 28, NPR reported that the Phoenix aquatics department was trying to attract more minority lifeguards by using a scholarship to cover the cost of training for those applicants who were not strong swimmers. Fox Nation claimed that minorities would be hired, “even if they can't swim.” National Review Online echoed that headline. The Blaze alleged that such a program could “actually get someone killed.”

Fox Nation:

Fox Nation

National Review Online:

National Review Online

The Blaze:

The Blaze

In reality, scholarship applicants will still be required to pass a swim test before they can apply to become city lifeguards. The scholarship covers the cost of lifeguard-certification courses for minority students in order to encourage a more diverse field of applicants. According to one survey, minorities report lower swimming proficiencies than whites.

While NRO and The Blaze have a questionable record on race, Fox Nation in particular has a well-documented history of race-baiting. In one infamous example, Fox Nation labeled President Obama's 50th birthday party, “Obama's Hip Hop Barbecue.”