Right-Wing Blogs Attack Michelle Obama Over Appearance On Nickelodeon's iCarly

Michelle Obama is making a guest appearance on the January 16 edition of iCarly, which Entertainment Weekly describes as a “hit Nickelodeon sitcom.” Entertainment Weekly reported that in the episode, “Mrs. Obama surprises Carly and Co. to commend them for supporting military families (as part of the First Lady's Joining Forces initiative)."

Because this involved Michelle Obama doing something -- anything -- right-wing blogs took this as an opportunity to attack her.

In a clip of Obama's appearance posted by Entertainment Weekly, one of the characters on the show refers to the first lady as “your excellency.” Another character corrects the first, saying, “You don't call her 'your excellency.' ” Obama responds, “No, no. I kind of like it.” Laughter is heard after she delivers this line.

In a post on his Gateway Pundit blog, Jim Hoft wrote, “Michelle Obama makes an appearance on Nickelodeon this month where she jokes that she 'kind of likes' being called 'Your Excellency.' Yeah, we know.” He illustrated his post with an image depicting Obama as Marie Antoinette -- with a large, muscular arm (other right-wing bloggers have used the same image):

Fox Nation opted to go with a misleading headline: “Michelle Obama: 'I Kind Of Like' Being Called Your Excellency”:

iCarly is a scripted sitcom, and it's obviously false to suggest that Obama said this herself, rather than as part of the show.

The blog Weasel Zippers headlined its post “Queen Michelle On iCarley Confirms What We've All Suspected: 'I Kind Of Like Being Called Your Excellency'...”

The right-wing media have a storied tradition of attacking Michelle Obama for nearly everything she does, from wearing borrowed jewelry to visiting Target. Then there are the more personal attacks, on her body and her race.

And there's always the purely delusional.