Report Finds Benghazi Select Committee Fox News Championed Could Cost Up To $3.3 Million

A new report from the Associated Press finds that the Benghazi select committee that Fox News tirelessly cheered is set to cost taxpayers a further $3.3 million beyond what the Pentagon has already sunk into repetitious congressional hearings.

A July 7 Associated Press (AP) article reported that House Republicans plan to spend up to 3.3 million dollars on the latest of multiple Benghazi investigations:

House Republicans have called for spending up to $3.3 million this year on the special select committee tasked with investigating the deadly 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

The seven-member GOP majority would receive some $2.2 million for staff and other operations while the five-member Democratic minority would get about $1 million, according to a document provided by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on Monday.

Earlier this year, the AP also reported that the Pentagon has already spent millions to fund previous investigations into the attacks, and described “repetitive requests for information from about 50 congressional hearings, briefings and interviews.”

Fox News relentlessly campaigned for GOP lawmakers to re-litigate the Benghazi hoax, and has played a central role in spurring the formation of Rep. Trey Gowdy's (R-TX) special select committee on the attacks.