In promo for new Fox Nation show, Gilbert Gottfried says he feels “sentimental about old-time lynch mobs”

Gottfried: “At least lynch mobs they had to put their shoes on, go out, get their hands dirty, and deal with other people”

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Citation From the July 19, 2021 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Dan, I know you've been canceled, you have a show on Fox Nation called Canceled in the USA. Gilbert Gottfried -- he opened up about the cancel culture with you. Let's take a look. 


GILBERT GOTTFRIED: When I hear about another person getting in trouble now, I always think, oh, thank god them and not me. Because I, I've been through it a few times.


The internet makes me feel sentimental about old-time lynch mobs. At least lynch mobs, they had to put their shoes on, go out, get their hands dirty and deal with other people. Now you sit in your underwear on your couch and you, you're there with your phone, and you're making a little -- you have a lynching there.



DAN BONGINO (FOX NATION HOST): Yeah. Yeah, that's one of really quite a few stories in this series that I promise you, your jaw's going to drop. Some of these you may not have even heard of, these people who have been canceled for the most innocuous things, like one of them posting an all lives matter, you know, sign on his door. So it's really disturbing.