Outnumbered peddles Republican misinformation while weighing in on Virginia governor's race

Fox's Katie Pavlich: “I really hope Ed Gillespie wins”

From the October 27 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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KATIE PAVLICH (CO-HOST): You can call it “Trumpism,” or you can call it power to the people. In Virginia, we've had a very bad -- “McAwful” is what I like to call him -- governor. I'm a resident of Virginia, so full disclosure. McAwful. I really hope Ed Gillespie wins, and considering how close he came in the senate race to winning, I think he could actually make this happen. When the left goes so far as saying we have to tear down every single statue in the South that has any kind of controversy or history, people think that's insane. And so, and you look at the crime in Virginia, MS-13 is actually a real problem there. There have been high-profile murders in local neighborhoods in a few different Virginia communities. People are concerned about that. So, talking directly to what people care about, that's what Gillespie has done, and we'll see what happens in two weeks.


DAGEN MCDOWELL (CO-HOST): Remember how Trump performed in coal -- the western Virginia and coal county, in like Buchanan County. That was one of his greatest wins during the primaries.

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): You mean the people that Hillary Clinton wanted to put out of work?

MCDOWELL: Yes, exactly. So, I -- Ed Gillespie is smartly touching on a lot of the issues that do matter to those Virginians, those conservative Virginians with those kinds of values. Because [Gov. Terry] McAuliffe has run the state for those people living north of Richmond, quite frankly. And that is the reason, in fact, that the economy isn't great in Virginia because the federal funding that props up northern Virginia has been drying up as budget cuts have been put into place. And so, Ed is walking a very fine line of trying to distance himself from President Trump but also run on the Trump agenda. So far, it is working as we see in the polls.


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