O'Reilly: “There Is A Reason” Why Black People Are “Singled Out” By Police 

Bill O'Reilly: "And The Reason Is A Very High Crime Rate Among Young Black Men”

From the July 28 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): When you have a video that's put out doctor, surely you understand. I'm thinking of the South Carolina one where the black youth was fleeing and the cop took his gun and shot him in the back. Now that police officer is going to be convicted if he hasn't already. I'm not sure what the adjudication is. But he's guilty. But the emotion that African Americans feel when they see this kind of thing and then they connect it to their own lives or perhaps they have been untreated -- treated unfairly. So, Mr. Williams, I sympathize with African Americans who believe that they are singled out. I do. But there is a reason for it. It's not a vacuum. And the reason is a very high crime rate among young black men. And I don't think the Black Lives Matter movement ever, ever discusses that in a honest way. Am I wrong? 

JUMAANE WILLIAMS: Yes, you are. And it's funny because Mr. Martinelili's thinking and what's in his book, that kind of thinking has been throughout history. It has actually been necessary in this country to continue the subjugation of people and blame them for their own subjugation and the things that come about it. So I'm not surprised to hear this thinking. 


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