O'Reilly Suggests The Movie Animal House Should Dictate Policy On Transgender Rights

Bill O’Reilly: Obama, SCOTUS, And Congress Should Watch Animal House, “And Then Afterward We’ll Have A Big Discussion”

From the May 15 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY: The Family Policy Institute of Washington State asked some students at Seattle University about gender.


O'REILLY: Again, that was a legitimate survey, not “Watters World.” Joining us from Santa Barbara, the sage of Southern California, Dennis Miller. You know, things are different since we attended college, Miller?

DENNIS MILLER: I couldn't see anything else but the difference in college for four years.

O'REILLY: Me too.

MILLER: These kids can't see the forest for the lack of a tree, for God's sake. What, are they kidding me? You know what I see in that video, Billy? I see fear, honest to God. People will say, oh they're stupid. They're not stupid. Kids aren't stupid. Are they brainwashed a little? Yeah, sure they are. But mostly I see fear. If you say anything on a college campus now, you're going to be ostracized. They can't even listen to “Smoking in the Boy's Room" by Brownsville Station. It's got to be “Smoking in the Transroom." Nobody can do anything over there.

O'REILLY: But it is -- what I think is happening, and I think that's a pretty good analysis, is that they're scared. Alright, they don't want to say anything politically correct. They don't want to say, you know what? There is a pretty big difference between men and women. There's a difference in the way --

MILLER: You hope it's a big difference. You hope it's a big difference.

O'REILLY: Well, look, the difference is in the way they dress, the way they conduct themselves in the marketplace. Men are usually savages, where women are kind and gentle.


O'REILLY: We're going to have to bleep that, Miller. We just bleeped Miller, he said an anatomical word, but we bleeped it. But what I'm trying to get at here is, you're right, they're afraid. And you're right, they're not all as dumb as they look. But they really believe that equality means there shouldn't be any difference in gender. That's what it should be, Miller. That's what the rainbow pot is.

MILLER: Maybe I'm not smart enough to follow all of this, but I remember when I was in high school. And if you are going to give high school guys -- and I remember three or four lunatics in my high school -- a reason to show up at school one day and say they feel like women that day and they want to go into the girl's locker room, I can't exactly express specifically what's going to happen, but it ain't going to be pretty. It ain't going to be pretty.

O'REILLY: Well, here is my solution to this whole problem, that President Obama, the Supreme Court, and Congress should all gather in the nation's capital and be shown the movie Animal House. Alright? They should all have to watch the movie with your pal John Belushi, and then afterward we'll have a big discussion. Because there are differences between men and women, and people on both sides, there can be extremes.


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