O'Reilly Outraged That Stereotyping Mexicans As Mustachioed Sombrero Wearers Is Considered Racist

Bill O'Reilly: Go To Any “Mexican Restaurant In The World, They Come Out And They're Singing 'Guantanamera' With The Sombreros On”

Fox host Bill O'Reilly reinforced the false stereotype that all Mexican restaurants have employees that wear sombreros and sing “Guantanamera,” lamenting that such ideas are considered racist.

During the November 10 edition of his show, O'Reilly discussed cultural sensitivity on college campuses with Fox contributor Charles Krauthammer. O'Reilly argued that campuses are too politically correct and expressed outrage over a college president who apologized after receiving criticism for posting a photo of his staff wearing sombreros and mustaches.

O'Reilly claimed that the picture wasn't racist, and evidenced his claim by arguing “If you go to any Mexican restaurant in the world, they come out and they're singing 'Guantanamera' with the sombreros on”:

BILL O'REILLY: Look, the sombrero picture, it's Halloween. They've got sombreros on, OK. Is this racist? If it's racist, I can't go to the Mexican restaurants anymore.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Well here's why I think it's -- this in the end will die out. Because it really --

O'REILLY: Tell me about the picture. Do you see anything racist about this picture?

KRAUTHAMMER: We have a problem here, Bill. Because I'm in Washington and all I can see is my own mug.

O'REILLY: All right, it's a bunch of people, adults with sombreros, all right, a few have mustaches and they're holding caracases [sic] or whatever that --

KRAUTHAMMER: Is the reference here to the Three Amigos? To the movie?

O'REILLY: Yeah. But if you go to any restaurant, Mexican restaurant in the world, they come out and they're singing “Guantanamera” with the sombreros on.

In 2007 O'Reilly faced criticism for comments he made regarding a visit at a restaurant in Harlem when he was surprised that there was no difference between black-owned restaurants in Harlem and other New York City restaurants.