O'Reilly Criticizes NFL Player Brandon Marshall's Anthem Protest Because He Got Free College And Makes Millions

Bill O’Reilly: “To Disrespect Our Entire System When You Have Reaped So Much Benefit From It Is Fallacious In The Extreme”

From the September 9 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Now, Mr. Marshall is an interesting study as far as being an American is concerned. Not a football player. An American. He was raised in Las Vegas. Had a violent father who went to prison. But he worked hard and succeeded in developing his football skills. Marshall received a scholarship, full scholarship from the University of Nevada. He went to college free. By the way, he was on the same team as Colin Kaepernick who started the national anthem disrespect. Anyway, Brandon Marshall has played well in the National Football League and recently signed a 32-million-dollar contract. So let's put this in perspective. Poor kid, bad father, develops his god-given skills, is presented with an opportunity to attend college free of charge. Then becomes a professional football player, earning millions in our capitalistic system. Nowhere on Earth could Brandon Marshall have done that but America. Nowhere. To be fair, bad things do happen in this country, in every country, and they must be confronted. But to disrespect our entire system when you have reaped so much benefit from it is fallacious in the extreme. Brandon Marshall and others like him have an obligation to think about what they're putting out there because some impressionable folks listen to them. Want to improve things? Good. Disrespecting the anthem, not good. 


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