“Open season on Christians”: Hate group leader Tony Perkins says LGBTQ activists are “targeting” Christian wedding vendors

From the June 4 edition of Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream: 

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TONY PERKINS: Nobody should be surprised by this, Shannon, because three years ago in the Obergefell case--

SHANNON BREAM (HOST): Which legalized same-sex marriage. 

PERKINS: The four justices warned of this. Right. [Justice Samuel] Alito in particular said that this was going to lead to the vilification of those who refuse to ascend to the new orthodoxy, and so we're seeing this. That's exactly what the Colorado so-called Civil Rights Commission did, and of course that was during the Obama era, when it was open season on Christians. It'd be great if people would get along, but that's not going to happen because of a court decision. It's gonna happen because people decide that, hey, people have different views on this. But what we're seeing these wedding vendors, like Jack Phillips, is that these activist, LGBT activists, are targeting them to make examples out of them. As long as that's occurring, these things are going to be challenged. You're going to see people of faith pushing back, and it's going to be in the courts, and you're absolutely right. Under the [Justice John] Roberts court, they've had very narrow decisions with limited application of their decisions, so this is not surprising. But this thing is going to be back before the courts, and you're right, it could be that decided that Thursday. They're going to be looking at the florist case. 


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