Note To Fox: Your Own Network Is Relying On Al Jazeera

Fox Nation and blogger Jim Hoft have attacked President Obama for reportedly watching coverage of the crisis in Egypt on Al Jazeera. They seems to think that means Obama is in league with the terrorists or something.

However, if it's a problem to rely on Al Jazeera, then Fox News itself is perpetuating the problem. That's because Fox News has relied on the both Al Jazeera's live feed and its reporting as can be seen from a couple of stills from Fox over the last week:

Fox News streams Al Jazeera feed [Fox News' Studio B, 2/4/11]

Fox News cites Al Jazeera [Fox News' Happening Now, 1/28/11]

But that's not all. Conservative media outlet Pajamas TV has criticized Fox's coverage of Egypt while praising Al Jazeera's coverage.

On the February 2 edition of Pajamas TV's Pollywood segment, Lionel Chetwynd, an appointee to President Bush's Committee on the Arts and Humanities and Pajamas Media founder Roger L. Simon agreed that Al Jazeera had the best coverage:

CHETWYND: I finally left Fox to go to Al Jazeera. All the American networks are way behind Al Jazeera. They were on the ground. Obviously, their commentators were plying the new Arabist leftist version that our State Department has adopted in the last three or four days. And that was an insight into what our left really thinks because that's who's on Al Jazeera. But their coverage on the ground was absolutely flawless there and in Jordan. And I had to go to Al Jazeera.

SIMON: I think your right. And secondarily, of the American networks, I regret to say, because I usually don't like them at all, CNN did the best job. Even Piers Morgan who had the execrable Dan Rather on, but Rather knew more about Mubarak than most of these clowns do.

CHETWYND: For whatever reason, Fox did not rely on Sky. Whenever they go to “our sister network Sky,” their coverage is good because BSkyB in England, which is also a News Corp. enterprise are very good on the ground. For some reason they weren't. I also did a little bit of listening to Voice of America who, you know, were way ahead of the story, months ago, way ahead of our own State Department actually.