Megyn Kelly Guest Says Bernie Sanders Should Have Met With Fried Chicken Rep Instead Of Al Sharpton

Radio Host Kevin Jackson: Sanders “Might As Well Have Brought A Representative From Kentucky Fried Chicken And Said, 'Let The Bidding Begin'”

From the February 10 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY: Less than 13 hours after a big win in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders was not in South Carolina, not leading a rally, and not doing a fundraiser. Instead he was meeting with Reverend Al Sharpton in New York City. And he is not alone. Hillary Clinton was also reportedly courting the Reverend Al just hours after last night's results were announced. Just what is going on here? And so is Clinton. What is going on here?

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KEVIN JACKSON: The bids are coming in, Megyn, on black people. And Reverend Al noticed how much Jeb Bush paid for some white folks up in Iowa and he's happy to see Bernie, because that's exactly what is happening here. It's just the Democrats pandering to blacks. I'm actually shocked that they didn't bring a representative from Kentucky --

KELLY: We don't know that any money changed hands, they just had a cup of tea.

JACKSON: Let me tell you, the money is changing hands, because it's insulting that this man would go to talk to Al Sharpton as if Al Sharpton is the purveyor of black thought and the black vote. It's insulting. And as I was about to say, you may as well have brought a representative from Kentucky Fried Chicken and said “let the bidding begin.”

RICHARD FOWLER: I don't get that.

KELLY: I don't get it either.

JACKSON: Let me just put it this way, It's a pander. It is a pander to black people. Instead of just talking to blacks individually and coming on and saying “hey folks, here are the things that I'm interested in,” he's going to go and interrupt a trip where he should be in South Carolina and he's going to make a detour to talk to a man that is insignificant.

KELLY: I would note for the record while they had their tea, they specifically denied having any fried chicken at Sylvia's because the Reverend Al has lost 176 pounds. He no longer eats fried food.


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