Megyn Kelly And Mark Fuhrman Agree That African-Americans' Grievances With Police Are Overblown

Kelly: “Every Encounter Gets Caught On Camera. It Doesn't Necessarily Mean That It's Happening More”

From the July 8 edition of Fox News The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): There's been, you know, a big brush. A lot of these folks paint with a very big brush, Mark, and they find a couple of shootings that are deeply problematic. There's no question we've seen that over the past year and try to push a narrative that all cops are bad, and all cops are out to kill innocent young black men. 

MARK FUHRMAN: Well, Megyn, we could have done this for the last five decades, 10 decades. You can always find something that doesn't look like justice was served one way or another, where somebody made a mistake, somebody was overzealous, somebody was overaggressive. If you're going to take this micro-moment in the history of a city, a county, a state or a country and use that as a movement, you can never combat this. There's always going to be something. It's like having a perfect family. It doesn't exist. 

KELLY: Especially in the days of iPhones, Brad, and social media where, you know, every encounter gets caught on camera. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's happening more. It's getting caught on camera more. But the vast majority of police officers out there want to protect us and want to enforce the law and don't run around shooting innocent people. However, you don't hear that message forcefully brought by all the people in power. 


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