Meet The U.S. Pastor Council, The Group Working To Repeal Texas' Non-Discrimination Laws

A number of cities in Texas have taken the historic step of passing non-discrimination laws protecting LGBT people, only to see those laws challenged by the extreme right-wing U.S. Pastor Council -- a group that has called Houston Mayor Annise Parker a “sodomite” and labeled gay people “forces of spiritual darkness.”

On January 20, opponents of an LGBT non-discrimination law recently enacted in Plano, Texas, announced that they had collected enough signatures to put the measure up for a public repeal vote. The effort had been organized by the Texas Pastor Council, a group that's become a political force for anti-LGBT activists across the state.

In 2003, extremist Texas pastor Dave Welch founded the Houston Area Pastor Council (HAPC) “to bring a united, Biblical voice to the city, state and even nation.” Though HAPC is described as an “affiliate” of the national U.S. Pastor Council (USPC) and Texas Pastor Council (TXPC), it's unclear if the organizations are actually distinguishable. All three are run by Welch, share the same website and contact information, and are often lumped together -- even on the USPC website.