Matt Schlapp defends Trump's “shithole” remarks: “I don't know anybody who spent two weeks on the beach in Haiti”

From the January 12 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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MATT SCHLAPP: Well OK, so first of all, the president is saying that he didn't say these things. And I think that's good because I think it does -- we have to be careful. People are proud of where they come from. But here are the facts. The facts are I don't know anybody who spent two weeks on the beach in Haiti. It's a country that has incredible problems both with its government structure and everything else. All these journalists that are out there attacking the president. What he's really trying to say is this, which is we have, for instance, these El Salvadorians who we say I'm going to stop renewing their temporary protective status and send them home. And what this deal was in the Oval Office was to bring that as a part of this immigration deal, and I think the president said, “Look, I told you what we can do. We can do DACA with wall funding, ending chain migration and ending the diversity lottery system. Don't go around and start bringing in all these other issues [or] else you're going to blow the whole thing up.” And he wanted to make that very clear. But I hope the president learned a lesson. When the Democrats and their staff are in the Oval Office, they're going to say and leak anything to harm you politically and they did that. 


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