Matt Schlapp compares Michael Flynn's actions to “pulling off mattress tags, jaywalking, parking tickets”

Michael Flynn is being sentenced after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI

From the December 18 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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MATT SCHLAPP (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION): The charge of this collusion -- which is not a legal term, as Alan Dershowitz walked through in his interview with you and Bill -- what they are really charging President Trump and Michael Flynn of is treason. They're accusing them of putting a foreign interest over the interests of the American people. That's quite a charge. That's the most disgusting charge you could level at somebody in public office. And there's no proof of it.

Instead what you have are these infractions: Pulling off mattress tags, jaywalking, parking tickets. They're finding anything they can -- anything they can -- to delve into these people's careers, to kind of legally blackmail them into agreeing to some minimal crimes. None of the crimes with all the people we've talked about over the course of the last year and a half have anything to do with the fundamental charge that somehow Donald Trump or his team committed treason by putting the interests of Vladimir Putin above Americans. This has to end. There is nothing here. And I hope Mike Flynn receives true justice today.


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