Male Fox Host Can't Find Sexism Against Hillary Clinton Because “She Does Really Well With Women Voters”

Eric Bolling: “I'm Still Trying To Find” How Hillary Clinton Is Facing Sexism

From the March 28 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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ERIC BOLLING (GUEST HOST): Will constantly playing the gender card be an effective strategy with voters in the general election? Joining us from Washington with reaction, Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers. Kirsten, first of all, in the sound bite, what the heck was [Michael Eric Dyson] saying. I have no idea what he said. To answer quickly, oh, you wouldn't believe how much sexism she's experiencing. How is she experiencing sexism?

KIRSTEN POWERS: Well I think he should have given us some examples. Because I have to say I actually wrote about it a lot in 2008. I thought she did experience a lot of sexism in 2008. I haven't seen a lot that was as overt as what we saw in '08. And so I'm not sure exactly what he's talking about. I'm sure there are some incidents. There usually are. But there hasn't been some sort of pattern of sexism against her that I've noticed.

BOLLING: Can you give us an example? Because I'm trying to figure it out. She does really well with women voters. What am I missing? Who's being sexist towards her?

POWERS: I don't know.

BOLLING: Right, right.

POWERS: Yeah, I mean, I think that -- I guess they, you know, some people have complained that when Donald Trump went after her about her husband's behavior, that somehow that was sexist because it was expecting her to be responsible of her husband's behavior. But I don't see that as sexism. I think that some of the stuff that we saw in '08 particularly from Obama supporters was very overtly sexist. It was very gender specific. And I just haven't seen a pattern of that this time. Now I'm not saying it never happens, but it doesn't seem to be like a pattern.

BOLLING: Barbra Streisand says Hillary Clinton is battling, outright sexism. I'm still trying to find it.


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