Larry Wilmore Slams Bill O'Reilly's “Horrible, Racist Statement” That Blacks Are “Ill-Educated And Have Tattoos On Their Forehead”

Wilmore: Tattoos Aren't The Problem, But Rather “Separate But Unequal Education, Red Line Housing, Banks That Will Not Provide Us Loans, And A Criminal Justice System Designed To Keep Us In Chains”

From the April 19 edition of Comedy Central's The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore:

LARRY WILMORE (HOST): So last week Bill O'Reilly was trying to explain why poor blacks couldn't get jobs and he blamed it on the tattoos on their foreheads. Yes, it was a horrible, racist statement, and a bunch of people took offense to it. And Bill O'Reilly actually doubled down on that last night.



O'REILLY: Now, the race hustlers who apparently have not walked the streets of poor neighborhoods lately, immediately accused me of “racism.”


WILMORE: No, regular people accuse you of racism.


Now you preach a message of lack of hard work and motivation, Mr. O'Reilly, but what you fail to see is that black people who work twice as hard to get half as much. 


It's not tattoos on our foreheads that condemn us, it is separate but unequal education, red line housing, banks that will not provide us loans, and a criminal justice system designed to keep us in chains. Those are the proverbial forehead tattoos that consecrate the beast for black people in America.


We don't need tattoos on our foreheads when all people like Bill O'Reilly see is our inky black skin. Did Eric Garner have a tattoo on his forehead when he was strangled in the street? No. Did Trayvon Martin have a tattoo on his forehead when George Zimmerman decided to end his life?



WILMORE: Now lead not into temptation, but away from Bill O'Reilly. Let us cast him out from these airwaves, cast him out. Cast him out. You don't hear me. Cast him --


WILMORE: Or just don't watch Fox News, even though I realize your option of quality news programs are limited. 


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