On The Kelly File, Kevin Jackson Says Black People Should “Make Better Films” If They Want To Get Oscar Nominations

Jackson: “Why Don't Black People Go Start Their Own Hollywood, The Indians Have Bollywood, Go Start Blollywood”

From the January 19 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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KEVIN JACKSON: Too bad Hollywood doesn't have a metaphorical bus that Rosa Parks can get on right now. I got to tell you this is so funny to me. Jada Pinkett is mad that her husband didn't get an Oscar for a movie about guys that run at each other at twenty five miles an hour getting concussions, Spike Lee did Chi-Raq and he's upset, because he wants to bring attention to a real problem in Chicago and I didn't see the film, it was probably more of a biopic, more than anything. And what was funny, the guy who wanted the Oscar for Selma, happens to be a Brit who stole the job from a black man here in the United States, and he's mad that people didn't want to give homage to yet another film for Martin Luther King and how bad it is for black people in America. Look, they got to make better films than what they're making. Snoop Dogg chimed in on it, what does he want an Oscar for the movie Soul Plane? Hollywood's -- been doing this for decades. And what's interesting Lisa and Megyn, the people who are accepting money for this, the sellout blacks haven't said a word, they wait until Oscar time to say, hey listen guys, let me put you on the spot when you accept this Oscar for doing great work, because we didn't see enough people of color.


JACKSON: Let me tell you what, Chris Rock is going to host the Oscars, knowing what he knows, he is going to take that check. And here's the other thing Lisa, that you probably haven't thought about.  Why don't black people go start their own Hollywood, the Indians have Bollywood, go start Blollywood -- if you want to do something and you're mad about it.


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