“How Is That The White Man’s Problem?” – O’Reilly Guest Host Lectures Black Guest Over Black Lives Matter

Jesse Watters: “Why Are Black Lives Matter People Pointing Fingers At White People, For Blacks Killing Other Blacks?”

From the April 8 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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JESSE WATTERS (GUEST HOST): If you look on black-on-black crime, it's a lot of black people being killed by other black people in this country. And when you look at what Ray Lewis said, Andell -- I mean, this guy has got a lot of street cred here, do you take any stock in that? That the black lives matter movement is ignoring black-on-black crime?

ANDELL BROWN: Well, what I will say is crime is a problem for anyone. Any -- No one want to live in a neighborhood that's not safe. No one wants to see their family members being killed, and murdered and hurt. No one wants to see crime happen, and I think it's responsible to address any type of crime. Now, black-on-black crime, trying to separate that out from the larger crime that goes on in this country, I think, is an issue, because it doesn't address the fact that all crime happens among people that share their neighborhood, locality, ethnicity. So, to try to make it seem as if this is only a black problem, is inaccurate and it's disingenuous.

WATTERS: No, no it's not just a black problem, but I have the statistics right in front of me here, by the FBI. The percentage of blacks killed by blacks, 90 percent. Thats scary --

BROWN: Right. And whites is 84 percent.

WATTERS: No, that's scary.

BROWN: That's not much of a difference.

WATTERS: No, it's not --

BROWN: Not much of a difference for whites.

WATTERS: No, you are right, you are exactly right --

BROWN: So it's just about who you live around, that's who is going to be most of the crime. And most whites live around whites, and blacks live around blacks. That's just the demographics.

WATTERS: OK, so then how is it -- Hey, Andell --

BROWN: The problem doesn't only exist in the black community.

WATTERS: But -- so then why are Black Lives Matter people pointing fingers at white people, for blacks killing other blacks? How is that the white man's problem?


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