How Geraldo Rivera And Fox News Botched The Story In Baltimore

Fox News Senior Correspondent Ignored Local Protester, Instead Gave Time To Former Leader Of A Hate Group

Following his death as a result of injuries sustained in police custody, Baltimore resident Freddie Gray was buried on April 27. While protests in the city had previously been peaceful, that night violence broke out. The following day, national media descended on the city to report, and none did a worse job than Geraldo Rivera and Fox News. When Rivera was not giving credence to a former leader of a hate group with no local ties, he was insulting protester Kwame Rose - who merely explained what Geraldo and Fox News were missing (and showed no interest in reporting).

Time and time again, Geraldo Rivera missed the real story and instead pushed a false narrative that played into Fox News' pre-existing conservative biases.

Oh, and Rivera also confused Kevin Liles for Russell Simmons. That really happened.

Video by John Kerr, additional research by Liv Kittel and Nicholas Rogers.