“How Convenient”: Fox Host Dismisses Democrats' Concern Over Ray Rice Tape As “War On Women” Ploy

Fox News host Eric Bolling speculated that House Democrats' letter to the NFL commissioner demanding transparency on the League's knowledge of Ray Rice's domestic assault was simply part of a political effort to prop up a “war on women” narrative. 

Following NFL running back Ray Rice's suspension and subsequent dismissal from the Baltimore Ravens for a domestic assault incident that was caught on camera, questions are now swirling as to whether the NFL had seen the full, graphic tape of the assault when it initially decided to suspend Rice only for two games. While NFL commissioner Roger Goodell claimed the league had not seen the full footage prior to the suspension, the Associated Press reported on September 10th that law enforcement may have given the Rice tape to the NFL several months earlier, in April.

In response, twelve Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Goodell demanding “greater transparency” on what access the NFL had to the tape and urging the commissioner to address the epidemic of domestic violence among professional athletes.

News of the letter from House Democrats didn't sit well with Outnumbered co-host Eric Bolling, who called the letter “convenient,” adding, “They love to perpetrate this war on women so the Democrats feel like they're taking the side of women when they do this”:

Bolling didn't mention another congressional letter to Goodell, one signed by both Democratic and Republican female senators and calling for a “zero-tolerance” policy on domestic violence in the NFL. The senators wrote that they were “shocked and disgusted” at reports that the NFL may have had the tape for months prior to Rice's two-game suspension.