Hey, Fox News... I thought this was all about liberty and freedom?

For the better part of a year we've heard the far-right Fox News family telling anyone who would listen that their opposition to President Obama and progressives in Congress was all about liberty... and freedom... and the founding fathers... and mom's apple pie. You get the picture.

Apparently those freedoms... those liberties aren't meant for Muslim men.

As Media Matters noted yesterday:

In the wake of the Christmas Day attempt to detonate a bomb on a Northwest Airlines flight, numerous Fox News hosts, contributors, and guests have called for profiling of Muslims by airport security personnel. But several national security experts have termed such policies ineffective, with Bush administration secretary of homeland security Michael Chertoff stating that “relying on preconceptions or stereotypes is actually kind of misleading and, arguably, dangerous.”

It's nice to know that the Fox News gang is so quick to throw an entire group of people under the Tea Party Express (i.e. bus).

You'd think they have no principles at all.