Hate Group Leader Brigitte Gabriel Says The Faith Of “1.6 Billion Muslims … Is Not Compatible With Our Constitution”

Gabriel: “The Majority Of The Muslims Around The World … The 1.6 Billion Muslims Who Follow Sharia” “Do Not Believe In Man-Made Laws Such As The Constitution”

From the July 15 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): I don't know if it’s Sharia, but Islamism is considered problematic by many Americans because if you are an Islamist, you approach Islam very different from modern, more reformed Muslims.

BRIGITTE GABRIEL: Exactly. You are correct. Islamists are very different than the imams that we are having here right now who belong to the Ahmadiyya movement. The Ahmadiyya movement started in the 19th century and they actually believe in angels. Those types of imams and mosques are not the ones we are talking about. They have reformed their religion. What we are talking about is the authentic Sharia practice that the majority of the Muslims around the world practice, the 1.6 billion Muslims who follow Sharia, and it's not compatible with our Constitution. And this is what ISIS follows, and that's what causing mayhem around the world right now. That’s what we’re worried about.

KELLY: How is it not compatible, Brigitte?

GABRIEL: It's not compatible with our Constitution. They believe apostates should be killed. They believe a woman's value is half of that of a man. They believe if a woman is raped, she needs four witnesses in order for her to be saved, to testify against the rape. They believe in supremacy, they believe Islam is supreme to all other religions. They do not believe in man-made laws such as the Constitution. That's just the tip of the iceberg, and that's why Sharia law is not compatible with the United States Constitution.


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