Greg Gutfeld: Sexist Jester On Fox's The Five

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld recently said that liberal activist and actress Janeane Garofalo is “as sensible as she is attractive.” This is just the latest cheap shot from Gutfeld in which he has focused on women's physical appearance or otherwise stereotyped women since the show's debut in July.

Gutfeld Repeatedly Goes For The Sexist Comment

Gutfeld: Janeane Garofalo “Is As Sensible As She Is Attractive.” Responding to comments Garofalo made that were critical of the tea party, Gutfeld said: “She is as sensible as she is attractive.” [Fox News, The Five, 9/29/11]

Gutfeld On Solyndra: “This Story Would Be So Much More Interesting If Solyndra Was A Stripper.” Discussing a federal loan guarantee for Solyndra, a solar panel manufacturer that has declared bankruptcy, Gutfeld said:

GUTFELD: Can I just say something? This story would be so much more interesting if Solyndra was a stripper. [Fox News, The Five, 10/4/11]

Gutfeld Declared Himself “A Jon Huntsman Supporter” After Seeing Pictures Of Huntsman's Daughters. During a discussion of candidates seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Gutfeld said:

GUTFELD: Can I just tell you? I've been so confused about who I want to support in the election and then I was on Twitter and I saw a picture of Jon Huntsman's family. I am -- because these are his daughters -- I am now a Jon Huntsman supporter. [Fox News, The Five, 8/19/11]

Gutfeld Twice Compared Government Spending To “A Wife And Her Credit Cards.” Discussing the debt ceiling, Gutfeld said: “That's the problem with being president: You love raising the debt ceiling. It's like a wife and her credit cards. Americans have to be the husband that takes the credit card and breaks it up.” He later said of President Obama: “He's like your wife running around with your credit cards.” [Fox News, The Five, 7/11/11]

Gutfeld Weighed In On Palin's “Hotness.” Discussing the possibility that Sarah Palin might seek the Republican presidential nomination, co-host Andrea Tantaros said to Gutfeld: “Greg, I know you think that Palin's hot. Can she win based just on her hotness?” Gutfeld replied: “I'm turned on by her brains.” When co-host Bob Beckel called him a “liar,” Gutfeld responded: “I am a liar. I am lying right now.” [Fox News, The Five, 7/11/11]

Gutfeld: Government Is “Your Mistress.” During a debate over energy efficiency standards for light bulbs, Gutfeld said: “The government is not your mom and dad, it's your mistress. So you call her -- she never calls you, and she never comes to your house.” [Fox News, The Five, 7/11/11]

Gutfeld's Own Fox Colleague Called Him Out For His “Creepy” Comment About Her Appearance

Fox's Huddy Called Gutfeld's Comment About Her Outfit “Real Creepy.” Discussing rental property laws, co-host Juliet Huddy offered Gutfeld the last word in the debate:

HUDDY: Greg, I'll give you, what, like a five-second answer.

GUTFELD: Uh, I like your top.

HUDDY: On that note. That's creepy -- real creepy. [Fox News, The Five, 8/12/11]