Glenn Beck: “Russia Is Trying To Take Down Clinton … And Foment Revolution In Our Streets”

Megyn Kelly: “You May Be Onto Something There”

From the August 2 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File

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GLENN BECK: Russia is trying to destabilize our political system. [Aleksandr] Dugin, who is a main adviser of [Vladimir] Putin and a very dangerous man, thinks that Hitler didn't go far enough. He's the guy that advised Putin to go into the Crimea. He is now giving speeches in Russia where he is saying we are infiltrated into the political system. He is thinking that Donald Trump is the answer, not for -- I don't think he actually cares and I don't think that either Hillary or Donald are involved in this in any way, but what they're trying to do is seed revolution on the streets. Those are their words, and this is what we should be talking about. This game is going to go on through November, and I don't know how it ends. But I do believe based on their words only, that Russia is trying to take down Hillary Clinton, trying to destabilize our election, and foment revolution on our streets. 

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): You may be onto something there because General John Allen told me last week when he was endorsing Hillary Clinton that in his experience, the Russians study our elections very closely, and they study our candidates very closely.


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