Is Glenn Beck really proud of this person?

Yesterday, Glenn Beck's new website The Blaze posted two videos from Beck's 8/28 rally of “black conservatives taking a real stand in the face of adversity” -- the adversity being heated discussions with purported “liberals.” The URL describes the post as “black-conservatives-stand-for-truth,” further suggesting that The Blaze approves of the people in the videos.

But one of the clips features a “black conservative” accusing another black man in the crowd of being an “Uncle Tom” and “a sambo,” presumably for supporting Democrats, and tells another person in the crowd that they're “going to hell.” A Fairfax County, Virginia, blogger appears to be the source of the video, which has also been posted on Andrew Breitbart's website.

Beck's radio show aired a portion of the video yesterday, but omitted the man's inflammatory statements. The clip only included the rantings of the “liberal,” who says, “Christianity is a white man's religion.” Beck suggested that they would air the video later on his Fox News show. But they didn't.

Aside from the incendiary statements made in the video posted approvingly by The Blaze, this man appears to be an all-around crazy person. His name is Michael/Maurice Symonette, but has also reportedly gone by “Michael the Black Man,” “Maurice Woodside,” and “Mikael Israel.” On his YouTube page, he is identified as “Michaelwarns.” He has several websites, including and,, and, all of which promote his book, “written primarily to show the BLACK MAN, and the WORLD the true source of their problem, 33% of the BLACK WOMEN of AMERICA (BABYLON).” The cover of the book declares that Oprah Winfrey is “the devil” and “Obama is the beast 666, given power by the dragon (serpent), Oprah.”

Michael the Black Man vs Oprah the Devil

The Miami New Times reported that “Michael the Black Man” is a former member of a cult. As a radio host, he called for the El Portal, Florida, mayor to be “set on fire” and in 2000 labeled Jesse Jackson a “house negro,” according to the New Times. He is now active in the tea party movement and frequently speaks at tea party gatherings. He hosts an online show called “The Michael the Black Man Show” in which he delivers religious rants about Obama, Lilith, and “homosexuals.”

The following statements come from one of the videos that Michael has posted on his website:

  • [9:44] He says Obama has been “tricked” by the Democrats, then says, "I'm not against all Democrats. I'm against those Democrats who believe in us being enslaved; those gay Democrats who believe in being diametrically opposed to laws of God, who believe that it's OK for a man to lie with another man as if he's a woman -- that nasty sucker.
  • [10:49] “It's those progressive Democrats” that are the problem, he says, and then adds: “Black people, y'all need to listen to Glenn Beck and O'Reilly and -- what's the other's guy's name? -- Hannity. You know, you gotta just check 'em out. I know you don't like them because you've been told they're terrible guys, but just hear them. They're standing up for the Bible. In actuality, they're standing up for you -- whether they know it or not, they are. They stand -- they believe they stand up for themselves, because they themselves are scared to death. Why? Because the mark -- the mark, the mark -- of the beast.”
  • [11:55] “Everybody better be scared because the stuff that Obama's doing is getting ready to cause international war, it's getting ready to almost cause a race war here in America, it's getting ready to cause a civil war here in America with states are getting ready to secede from the union -- which is why the Civil War started back then. He's getting ready to start a revolution. ... And now they're getting ready to do crazy stuff like start a nuclear war in a few seconds. Right in your face, they're starting a nuclear war -- in Iran. You got Russia and China and the Koreans. I mean, it's gettin' serious.”
  • [13:11] “Obama is headed for being the beast and bringing in the mark of the beast. ... One-third of the black women is the devil.”
  • [13:57] “What you're listening to is a black man that is scared to death that Yahweh, God of Gods, is getting ready to kill everybody. And I have friends and family, and I'm not going to allow everybody to die. ... And all these brothers in here -- 'cause everybody says, 'Oh, you're trying to say you're Jesus' -- yes, I am. But guess what? Every brother in here is Jesus, too -- Latin, black, and white. ... But Colossians 4:11 says, 'Jesus is just us. These are my fellow servants.' ”
  • [18:50] “The mark of the beast has got to be put out because the progressives -- let me tell you who the progressives are. The progressives are the Knight Templars. ... The Knight Templars were under a wicked white man in America who was a slave master and believed all black men were niggers. And he had a whole bunch of niggers with him who were called house niggers, too. These house niggers sold us out, and they're helping them to sell us out today.”
  • [33:20] “If you serve the Democrat, Obama progressive party, you are a servant to the devil. When you go to church, they're tellin' you you're doing a service to God. You're a servant of the Lord when you go to church and pay tithes and dance and sing before the Lord. ... The difference is, he's [Obama] going to force you to worship him and his party and serve and do his will with the mark of the beast. ... So the test is, which party are you going to? God's party or the party of the beast?”
  • [35:20] “So, we've got to get rid of the Democrat Party 'cause they are the slave masters.”
  • [51:30] “They took the Bible out of school and put gay teachers in. Got two gay penguins marrying and kissing on each other -- evil people. This is insane.”
  • [56:17] While explaining how Obama will get people to give the government their Social Security numbers so he can brand them with “the mark of the beast,” he says: "[T]hose who will not give it, he said, will call them to be killed. How are they going to do that? ... Now you're going to get to see the fangs of the beast. What is the beast? Well, Ezekiel 34:31. ... '[M]y sheep -- the sheep of my pasture, the flock of my pasture are men.' We're sheep. But Matthew 17:15 says, 'There will be one who looks like a sheep, but inwardly, he's a ravenous wolf.' Inwardly, he's a ravenous wolf. But he got wooly hair. Obama got nappy hair, but inwardly, he's a ravenous wolf. He doesn't have a problem with killing the sheep 'cause that's the nature of the beast. He don't have no problem with it -- damn murderer."

In another video, Michael said: “What I got to do now is show the black woman of America that she has to switch back to being righteous and help her men instead of the homosexuals and the hood rats. Damn them. Damn them. I said damn them.”

When he first introduced The Blaze, Beck said: “Our tip mailboxes are always flooded. ... But now I need journalists to actually go through those things and see which ones are right and which ones are wrong, and another source that can give a broad brushstroke of what's happening and one that you know you can trust.” He added, “And if we get it wrong, we lead with the story, 'We got it wrong.' ”

We didn't go out and find this guy -- this is someone Beck's own website posted as a model of “black conservatives taking a real stand.” Looks like they really missed the mark on this one.

From the September 2 edition of Beck's radio show: