Gavin McInnes Only Regrets Calling Jada Pinkett Smith A “Monkey Actress” Because It Cost Him Fox News Exposure

McInnes: “Say I Was Going To Host Something On Fox, They Would See That Media Matters Thing” And Say I Was Too Hot Right Now

From the February 1 edition of Anthony Cumia's The Gavin McInnes Show:

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GAVIN MCINNES (HOST): I had quite a weekend folks, quite a weekend. First of all, I'm in troubs. I called Jada Pinkett a monkey and that's not funny. It wasn't witty and do I regret it? Meh, I probably lost a bunch of money because Salon picked it up. It starts with Media Matters and then all these other lefties pick it up and the thing that drives me nuts about the right is, they care. So if there was a gig -- say I was going to host something on Fox, they would see that Media Matters thing and say, oh you're  too hot right now. Meanwhile on the other side, if Jon Stewart ever got made fun of by [Sean] Hannity, he would either laugh or it wouldn't even register. I don't get why conservatives give a fuck what the left thinks. Calling Jada Pinkett Smith a monkey --can you pull up that article I think it was on Salon or Slate -- is not funny. So we have this weird double standard with anything black --  where you can be unfunny about anything: lesbians, you can do a Chinese accent, you can fuck up jokes all you want, but if you go in the racist zone, whoa. Blacks can go in the racist zone. They can call Hillary a cave bitch and that would be funny. 


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