Frequent Fox Guest Geller Deemed Too “Disruptive” For Texas Hotel

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that The Sugar Land Hyatt canceled a tea party event featuring Pamela Geller after protests by the Sugar Land Democrats Club drew attention to Geller's rampant Islamophobia. Sugar Land's Hyatt Place manager stated the cancelation was due to the “business disruptions” Geller's appearance was creating. Geller, a right-wing activist, was scheduled to deliver an address and promote her new book Stop the Islamization of America.

Although the Sugar Land Hyatt decided not to host Geller, she regularly finds a home at Fox News Channel to spew hate. In an April 13, 2010 post on her blog, Geller claimed that President Obama was “a third worlder and a coward” who would “do nothing but beat up on our friends to appease his Islamic overlords.” In July 2010, Geller appeared on Fox News' Hannity, and was asked whether she thought Barack Obama was anti-Semitic. Geller said that she did.

As a guest on Fox's Fox & Friends, Geller once claimed that building an Islamic community center in New York City near Ground Zero was like “stab[bing] Americans in the eye.” In a later edition of the show, Geller pushed the falsehood that the cultural center would open on September 11, 2011, in order to promote her belief that the center was a mockery of 9/11.

Geller has popped up on Fox Business to promote birtherism, and has theorized that Barack Obama is the son of Malcolm X. Her new book continues along a similar path. In a chapter on “cultural jihad,” Geller highlights “numerous explosive revelations” about “the little-reported fact that much of the meat in Europe is being processed as halal and yet sold without the halal label.”

When CBS' Scott Pelley asserted that Geller did not “tell the truth” on her blog during a 2010 interview, Geller responded to the 60 Minutes description by appearing on Fox News and saying that it was “part of the Islamic supremacist agenda.”

Geller responded to the cancelation by posting the following response on her website Atlas Shrugs:

The quisling cowards at the Hyatt Place Sugar Land caved to intimidation, but that didn't stop freedom lovers from coming to hear me speak. The event was held at the Sugar Land Community Center, and the house was packed. Hundreds came out to hear what the sharia forbids -- the truth. It was an amazing evening. I was struck by the number of apostates (former Muslims) in the house. Gd bless Texas!