Fox's Watters Tells Imam “There Is A Muslim Problem In The World”

Jesse Watters: “You Have To Admit There Is A Muslim Problem In The World”

From the February 17 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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JESSE WATTERS (GUEST HOST): You have to admit there is a Muslim problem in the world. A majority of the terrorist attacks are perpetrated by Muslims, you'd have to admit that.

SHAMSI ALI: I think it is not also true --

WATTERS: Tell me why.

ALI: Yeah, if you study the history of terrorism worldwide I think you have to admit that in each community there are bad peoples -- within Christian community, who basically massacre Muslims in Bosnia, and so I don't want to blame that particular community.


WATTERS: What I would say is that this temporary travel ban, not a Muslim ban, the travel ban, is actually compassionate, because it's not discriminatory, because you are protecting all Americans, Muslims included, from Muslim extremist attacks. And that is a good thing, and that is compassionate.


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