Fox’s Todd Starnes Urges Values Voter Summit Audience To Support Anti-LGBT Hate Groups

Starnes To Values Voter Summit: “You Have A Friend At The Fox News Corner Of The World" And "We Must ... Support Groups Like Family Research Council And American Family Association”

From September 9 session of the 2016 Values Voter Summit: 

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I want you to know something this morning, and if you hear nothing else, I want you to hear this. You have a friend at the Fox News corner of the world. And I consider it a sacred honor to be able to write for you and to broadcast my radio commentaries for you. And I hope that you will take advantage of all the resources that are available at And after my remarks I would be honored to meet you and to sign a copy of my book God Less America.

Friends we are living in very dangerous times. Liberty is under assault, our freedoms passed down from one generation to the next are in jeopardy. A recent study by Pew Research found nearly 40 percent of millennials support limitations on free speech. Troubling times for the land of the free, the home of the brave. 

President Obama promised to fundamentally transform the United States of America, and ladies and gentleman he fulfilled that campaign promise. In less than eight years this president has turned the most exceptional nation in the planet into a vast wasteland of perpetually offended snowflakes. We’ve gone from the greatest generation to the entitlement generation. Instead of creating and innovating, many Americans are hunkered down in their safe spaces, waxing poetically about gender fluidity and taking selfies and debating which lives matter and which lives do not. The country’s gone plum nuts, folks!

Franklin Graham said we’re close to a moral tipping point, that there is a deep-seated antagonism and hostility towards Christianity. Consider the evidence. Right is wrong, wrong is right. The Supreme Court redefined what God defined. The nation has become a killing field for Islamic radicals. The president refuses to even acknowledge the name of the enemy. Our nation has been invaded. Our government provides sanctuary for illegals who would do harm to our citizens. In recent days we have seen Christian Americans hauled into court and thrown into jail, bullied and slandered by those who preached tolerance and diversity. It has become open season on gun-toting Bible-clingers in America.


So what are we going to do about all this left-wing, liberal, wack-a-doodle nonsense? Well, first we need to understand something about our public school system. They’re being used against us. Why do you think we’ve seen such a rapid shift in the culture? The story about the 2016 presidential race is not about Donald Trump or about Hillary Clinton. The story is about the millions of young Americans who supported an avowed socialist. Young Americans who believe they’re entitled to what’s in your pocketbook. Moms and dads, you need to pay attention to what they’re teaching your kids in the schoolhouse. Look at their lessons. And you see something say something. Because trust me, folks, there’s something rotten about Common Core.

But the most important place that we can fight the culture war is in our homes. We must set a godly example for our children and our grandchildren. Teach them right from wrong. Support groups like Family Research Council and American Family Association and First Liberty. Let me tell you something about Kelly Shackelford -- they are on these religious liberty attacks like a pit bull on a pork chop. So if you’re in trouble, you need to give them a call.


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