Fox's Todd Starnes: Paris Attacks Are The French “Reaping ... What They Have Sown” With Muslim Immigration

Todd Starnes: Catholics, Jews, Protestants “Are Not The Ones Blowing Stuff Up, The Muslims Are”

From the December 2 edition of Fox Business News' Varney & Company:

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STUART VARNEY: Another development, French interior minister says three mosques have been shut down since the Paris attacks. Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes is here. This is a first, Todd. Never before have the French closed a religious institution like this.

TODD STARNES: This is huge. And again, I think we do not really understand what's happening in France, where they have really a reaping of what they have sown with this immigration, mass immigration, where you have had, you know, hundreds and thousands of Muslims coming into the country and not assimilating. So I understand why they are trying to do it. The question is, can, should we do that here, in America, as has been suggested on your show.

VARNEY: Yes, it has.

STARNES: And the fact of the matter is, you can't do that. We have freedom of religion here in America, and if you start shutting down the mosques, if you give the government that ability, then they very well could one day try to shut down St. Patrick's Cathedral, or the First Baptist Church in Dallas. So that is a slippery slope. But the question I have for those folks who want to shut down the mosques, well a lot of these folks are being radicalized online. Are they advocating shutting down the internet too?

VARNEY: So your opposed, you can't do that in America, and you don't want to do it in America.

STARNES: Right, Stuart. But what do you do? I mean, but let's be honest here, the Catholics and the Jews and the Protestants are not the ones blowing stuff up, the Muslims are. So what do you do? I think that you can do some common sense measures, like for example surveillance or profiling. Those are things that this government is not in support of doing. They had a surveillance program here in New York City that was shut down, they were surveilling the mosques, and that was shut down by mayor Bill de Blasio. So look, It's a very difficult situation. I understand what the French are doing over there, but we can't do what they do over here.


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