Fox’s Todd Starnes Defends Curt Schilling, Says Meme Attacking Transgender People Is Not “Controversial”

Starnes: “What ESPN Is Saying Is We Believe That Men Have The Right To Use A Bathroom With Your 13-Year-Old Daughter”

From the April 21 edition of Fox Business' Varney & Co.:

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TODD STARNES: You know that’s a good point you raise, who does Curt Schilling think he is? Sharing something on social media that is controversial. Does he think he’s Donald Trump? I mean my goodness here. You're right to a point, Stuart, I think ESPN has a right to control what their employees post online, but when you look at what he actually shared, not necessarily the photograph, but look at what he wrote. I'm not quite sure I understand what is controversial because it does seem to back up this meme that says if you disagree with letting men go into a ladies room you're some sort of a transphobic bigot. That's what that meme said and quite frankly what happened to Curt Schilling and the aftermath, proves that meme to be correct.


STARNES: What ESPN is saying is we believe that men have the right to use a bathroom with your 13-year-old daughter. And if you complain about it, like Curt Schilling did or if you say as Curt Schilling said, that there was a time when people used the bathroom if you've got male plumbing use the men's room and if you’ve got the female plumbing, use the ladies’ room. Well all of a sudden, that makes you a bigot.


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