Fox's Todd Starnes Accuses Obama Administration Of “Orchestrating The Michael Brown Tragedy”

Fox radio host Todd Starnes accused President Obama of “orchestrating the Michael Brown tragedy” and claimed the administration is “in cahoots” with Al Sharpton.

In an August 18 Facebook post, Starnes asserted that the Department of Justice's (DOJ) investigation into Michael Brown's death was proof that “the Obama Administration may be orchestrating the Michael Brown tragedy.” Starnes also accused the administration of being “in cahoots” with Al Sharpton, who he called “a bona fide race hustler” (emphasis added):                       

The uncivil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri continues -- and it appears the Obama Administration may be orchestrating the Michael Brown tragedy.

NBC News is reporting that Attorney General Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett are the administration's point persons going so far as to arrange a federal autopsy.

It was Holder who tried to convince the Ferguson Police Department not to release the video purportedly showing Brown involved in a strong-arm robbery.

He also ordered local authorities to stop using armored tanks -- even though officers were fending off Molotov cocktail bombs. It was a decision that in essence led to government sanctioned lawlessness.

The LA Times reports Jarrett and Holder have been discussing their game plan with the likes of Al Sharpton.

So while President Obama whacks golf balls and dances the two-step in tony Martha's Vineyard, his administration is in cahoots with a bona fide race hustler.

The DOJ also ordered its own autopsy of Brown's body at the request of Brown's family. As The Wall Street Journal explained, the DOJ is often called upon in cases of police misconduct “to take over the investigation to reassure a community that the probe will be thorough and fair.”

Last week Starnes claimed that President Obama's condolences to the Brown family were proof of a racial “pattern” by the president. Starnes also has called Obama the “Race-Baiter in Chief,” and claimed that president is trying to tear the nation apart through racial division. 

UPDATE (8/19): During an August 19 appearance on KHTE's The Alice Stewart Show, Starnes repeated his orchestration theory and called the Obama administration's actions “very, very disturbing.”