Fox's Tantaros Claims “Older” Muslim Immigrants Are Not The Problem, “It's Their Kids, It's Their Offspring”

Andrea Tantaros: Women And Kids “Are The Exact People We Need To Worry About”

From the November 18 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SANDRA SMITH: So Andrea, the big question still remains, do these events change our course as far as our attack and our fight against ISIS?

ANDREA TANTAROS: Well they should. I mean, Jesse you mentioned that the French finally are doing away with political correctness and taking action. That wasn't always the case. France needs to be a lesson for the United States of America, because look how they got into that situation. They're expedited on a timeline, but we're following in their footsteps. In the 1960s, France invited the colonies, the Muslim colonies of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, to immigrate to their country. So it's not the older immigrants that are the problem, Sandra, it's their kids, it's their offspring. They don't have jobs. They're ripe for radicalization. In the bust last night those were Frenchmen with French passports. They're considered French citizens. The problem is from within. And they have not addressed it because they let their lax immigration and political correctness cripple them. Sandra, we're doing the exact same thing here. So let it be a lesson. So when the president says we don't have to worry about women and orphans, those are the exact people we need to worry about because it was a woman wearing a suicide vest last night. And it's not the orphans. It's the kids. And remember Marie Harf said that, oh they just need jobs, it's cause they don't have jobs. If you bring them here and they don't have jobs, under that rationale, they will be radicalized, and we will face the same fate.


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