Fox's Shep Smith: Gowdy's Obsessive Questioning About Blumenthal Is Not “Very Helpful When Finding Out What Happened At ... Benghazi”

Washington Times Editor: “I Don't Disagree With That At All”

From the October 22 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting:

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SHEPARD SMITH (HOST): Sidney Blumenthal was an Obama hater. Sidney Blumenthal has long been a Clinton friend. Sidney Blumenthal was not allowed by the administration into her inner circle, was not going to be an employee of the State Department. The Obama administration said so because Sidney Blumenthal hate on, and hated on, and probably still hates on the Obamas. We know now because we have emails to that effect. I'm just not sure that this wedge, putting this wedge between camp Clinton and camp Obama is very helpful when finding out what happened at hashtag Benghazi.

STEPHEN DINAN: You know, I don't disagree with that at all. I think that what it does get at though is, the exchange that we had over Blumenthal was very interesting because the question was about whether she vetted his sources, whether she knew where he was getting his information from as he was giving it to her, the secretary of state. And she said no, she didn't know that. But she was very careful to take his name off of the emails when she passed them on, which shows that she was very concerned about sources and validity. So, it goes to decision-making, and I think she will have to answer that, and she'll have to answer why she continued to solicit. And that's another development here, she did essentially have to change her initial story that she never solicited, to well she didn't initially solicit Blumenthal's opinions, but eventually did. She's going to have to explain why she goes to these longtime Clinton confidants and what information she gets out of them and how it squares with her doing her job as secretary of state.


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