Fox's Shannon Bream Defends Carly Fiorina's False Debate Claim On Planned Parenthood

Bream On Fiorina's Claims: “We Can't Say [It's] Completely Fabricated ... I've Seen The Videos”

From the September 28 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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NOMIKI KONST: I think any legitimate Republican in this race knows that a fight against Planned Parenthood, shutting down the government is not going to work in any Republican candidate's favor. Carly Fiorina though is reinventing facts. She has been fact-checked by everybody from from the Politico, to The Washington Post, to Chris Wallace's -- Fox News' own Chris Wallace has fact-checked her claims, which are completely fabricated.

SHANNON BREAM: Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, we can't say completely fabricated. I mean, I think that she had some problems in the retelling of the story. I've seen the videos. I don't know if you guys have watched them all.

KONST: But that's stock footage and that's not Planned Parenthood's footage and I have watched all of the footage. And none of the footage is what--

BREAM: Well why would, why would the the footage be -- Lisa, wait. Why would the footage be Planned Parenthood's footage, Nomiki?

KONST: It's not Planned Parenthood's footage. She's claiming that baby in the video --

BREAM: Wait, that's what I'm saying. Why would it be their footage? This was an undercover investigation.

KONST: Well, right. What they are saying in her campaign video that she has claimed has been Planned Parenthood's undercover footage that this organization, this fraudulent organization, has created. They're saying that this is a Planned Parenthood investigation. Well, if you're going to defund Planned Parenthood, then where's that footage? There's none of that footage.

LISA BOOTHE: No, but here's the thing. Democrats can't, Democrats can't defend Planned Parenthood. We're talking over 17 hours of footage that are documenting the harvesting and selling of baby body parts.

KONST: Sliced and diced footage.

BOTHE: No, hold on, Nomiki.


BREAM: Hold on one second here because nobody can hear you guys if you're both talking. And I will say that there are more than 300 hours of this footage. Much of the raw video has been released online. The people who shot this video have said they provide all of it to law enforcement, to investigators, to Capitol Hill committees, so the raw video exists.

KONST: Yes. And it's all been proven wrong.