Fox's Ralph Peters Insists That Christians Are The Only “Real Refugees” From The Middle East

Peters: “Young Military-Age Muslim Males Are Not Refugees”

From the November 30 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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HEATHER CHILDERS (HOST): Well new concerns in the fight against terror. ISIS reportedly developing a new recruitment strategy. Instead of trying to sneak terrorists into Europe with a stream of refugees, German officials warn that extremists are now reaching out to the refugees, trying to recruit them as soon as they arrive. Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters is a Fox News strategic analyst and he joins us to talk a little bit more about this today. Thank you for joining us. 


CHILDERS: We're separated by an ocean, but what about here in the United States? What is the threat here from the refugees and what should we do? 

RALPH PETERS: Well, from real refugees there is no threat, but the problem is, because of political correctness, we won't sort out who are the real refugees. The real refugees are obvious. They're the Christians who have been driven out of their homes, who've been tortured, raped, kidnapped, killed. Whose civilization has been destroyed while we watched. They're real refugees. The Yazidi religious minority, they're real refugees. But young military-age Muslim males are not refugees. These are guys who just won't fight for their own country and want an economic future anywhere. So all this stuff about, oh we would be bigots if we just took Christians and other minorities, no they are the refugees. So it's so politicized at this point that we can't do what's right.